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QMS Course - Online decontamination training

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Course Structure

The QMS course is structured across four modules:

  1. Introduction to the QMS
  2. Importance of the QMS
  3. Facility to Equipment Validation
  4. Document Control
  5. Staff Training
  6. Supply Chain Management
  7. Quality Control
  8. Health & Safety/Risk Assessment
  9. Root Cause Analysis
  10. Continuous Improvement

Our QMS course covers the importance of a quality management system in healthcare, and the eight key steps in the QMS. The course follows Florence Nightingale and her struggles in the British Army Hospital in Constantinople during the Crimean War, as she is widely regarded as the first QMS manager in healthcare, and the practices she developed still stand today.

Information on the eight key components of the QMS is provided, along with how they are executed and why they are necessary in a healthcare setting, and how they fit together to create a functioning system.

The course includes ‘continuous improvement’, which considers the importance of growth and development within any department, and how everyone within a department is responsible for its success.

The course is targeted towards anyone in healthcare, particularly towards those in the decontamination unit so that they understand why they should adhere to strict rules within the department. Since many of the examples provided are related to the SSD or endoscope reprocessing unit, it is likely to be more relevant to decontamination staff, however, it may also be appropriate for nurses.

Recommended for:

Sterile Service Technicians, Trainee Endoscope Reprocessing Technicians, Sterile Service Operators, Department Users, and Staff new to decontamination.

On successful completion students will be able to:


  • Understand what Quality Management Systems are:
    • Why are they needed.
    • Overview of the relevant standards that apply in Quality Management Systems in UK Healthcare Settings
    • How to contribute to a successful Quality Management System
    • Understand approved body audits.

Skills acquired:

  • How to apply the PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT principle to the learner work environment
  • Understand how a QMS has the capacity to improve departmental performance.
  • Understand both a learner’s role and other team members in working toward common goals in the organisation.


This course provides the training for candidates to undertake an online examination with a pass awarding the Quality Management Systems 1 certification.

Why Choose AVM Courses?

AVM courses are vastly different from current courses on the market as they are video based with some even containing interactive elements. There are no Powerpoints to scroll through, and no daunting walls of text for the learner to digest on their own. Instead, the learner is guided through each concept through narration, which benefits both visual and auditory learners. The courses also include animations, pictures and footage of SSD’s and endoscope reprocessing units, to assist with knowledge uptake and retention.

AVM courses are written and produced by specialists, so the information in the courses is current and relevant.

An AVM certificate will be awarded to candidates who pass the final assessment of this AVM Services / City & Guilds Accredited course.

This course has helped me to refresh my knowledge about decontamination services.

5th March 2024

Roland K

Online Germs Course

Great module, interesting and relevant with the learning broken down into clear, well paced sections.

9th April 2024

Siobhan C

Online Germs Course

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