Online Decontamination Training Courses

Utilising the Cambridge University Hospital’s (CUH) Learning Management System (LMS) platform, the AVM Services Online Decontamination Training Programme offers a number of highly rated courses.

Decontamination Training Courses Available Online

QMS Course

Course Structure The QMS course is structured across four modules: Introduction to the QMS Importance of the QMS Facility to Equipment Validation Document Control Staff Training Supply Chain Management Quality Control Health & Safety/Risk Assessment Root Cause...

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Decontamination Course

Course Structure The Decontamination Course is structured across four modules: Introduction to Decontamination Washer-Disinfectors Water Sterilisers Endoscopes The Decontamination Course covers the importance of decontamination in a healthcare setting, with regard to...

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Germs Course

Course Structure The Germs Course is structured across four modules: Welcome to Germs An Introduction to Germs Pathogen Transmission Removal of Microorganisms The Germs Course covers the structure and basic physiology of organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and...

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Future Courses

  • Decontamination 2

  • Quality Management Systems 2

AVM Services – Decontamination Training Specialists

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