Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Below are some frequently asked questions about us, our decontamination services, who we work with and more. If you have any questions not answered below, or you would like to know more, please get in touch.

Is AVM Services part of the NHS?

Yes, it is a department within Estates & Facilities of Addenbrookes Hospital Trust. However, AVM is a trading entity so provides services outside of the NHS for many clients. See our Sectors page for more information about the types of client we help.

Can AVM provide validation and other services on all types of decontamination equipment?

We have expertise on a very wide variety of machines and equipment to provide you with peace of mind that an independent party is validating, authorising or servicing your equipment. Our Machine Types page provides an overview of the types of decontamination equipment we have experience with.

Does AVM provide on-site training?

Yes. Most of our courses can be conducted at your location and we can even create bespoke courses focussed on your specific requirements.

Can you help organise training requirements across my department?

We can help you decide who needs training, for what decontamination machines/process and to what level. We can provide reassurance to you that relevant members of staff have the appropriate training or in-house guidance. Understanding who needs training and to what level can save you money if targeted correctly.

Can you provide references for your services?

Yes. We have a range of clients and services and are happy to provide references in line with your specific requirements. You can also visit our Case Studies page to view evidence of our service performance.

DO you help other sectors apart from hospitals?

Yes – we undertake decontamination services for a variety of sectors where decontamination equipment is used. This includes dentists, veterinary centres, laboratories and walk-in centres. Visit our Sectors page for more information on the clients we help.

Our equipment supplier provides validation. Why should I use AVM?

AVM came into being in order to provide ‘arms length’ validation and authorising services for decontamination equipment. Using a trusted, third-party organisation gives our clients reassurance that the decontamination equipment they are responsible for is monitored and audited to the highest standards.

What accreditations / certifications do you hold?

We hold a number of relevant memberships, affiliations and certificates including ISO 9001 Quality Management. Please visit our Accreditations page for further information.

What are your prices?

Our pricing is very competitive and we provide no-obligation quotes for our services once we understand your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we can give a sensible quote.

My question isn't answered here, can I speak to someone?

Absolutely, we’d be more than happy to help, you can call or email us and details are available on our Contact page.

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