Strategic Consultancy Services

Our highly trained personnel (including authorising engineers) have helped various hospital trusts and other organisations to construct business cases, plan and then implement.

We can assist your organisation with strategic consultancy including:

  • Decontamination Business Case Production
  • Decontamination Business Planning
  • Decontamination Service Centralisation and Rationalisation
  • Decontamination Project Planning and Management
AVM Services offers key outsource services for AP(D)

Business Cases

AVM can consult on the best way to identify key evidence for the creation of business cases from impact assessments on services, equipment and resources to the identification of potential markets.

We have worked with finance teams as well as operational departments to provide costed, balanced recommendations that are in line with both the organisation and national strategies.

Business Planning

AVM can assist in the business planning process for decontamination services at board level or below and have been involved in the process with a number of clients. We work with you to identify and plan for growth areas while simultaneously planning for rationalisation in others.

Centralisation & Rationalisation

AVM has helped a number of trusts to centralise their decontamination services where it is desirable to maximise output by bringing together, for instance, surgical instrument, endoscope and other equipment into a single unit.

By assessing existing decontamination units and processes throughout the organisation and using our experience and expertise, rationalisation and/or centralisation has been successfully achieved. See our Case Studies section for examples.

Project Management

Our team of professionals are experienced in helping to deliver projects both big and small from the procurement and implementation of new decontamination equipment to developing long-term strategies.

AVM Services – Decontamination Specialists

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