Medical Equipment Maintenance and Service

AVM Services can provide detailed, site-specific maintenance schedules, procedures and training for long-term operations and safe working conditions.
Medical Decontamination Equipment

Medical Decontamination Equipment Maintenance

The maintenance of decontamination medical equipment has taken on a new level of complexity in recent years, largely due to the increased sophistication and specialisation of equipment, integration with electronic networks and ever-increasing requirements for compliance, safety, reliability and accuracy.

Following a planned maintenance schedule helps to ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation, as any unscheduled downtime can translate into critical clinical delays, shortages and increased risks. For any clinical engineer and facilities manager, finding a quality maintenance contractor can be a great relief and support to ensure their facility operates optimally.

Why medical equipment maintenance is important

Poor or ad hoc maintenance procedures increase the likelihood of equipment failure or human error.

AVM, with its strategic business partner of 13 years STS, provides a comprehensive maintenance service to maintain the integrity of biomedical equipment such as autoclaves, sterilisers, washer disinfectors and other decontamination equipment including endoscope re-processors.

Our maintenance work follows the manufacturer’s instructions, replacement parts are original equipment manufacture or manufacture approved and within UK and EU standards and guidelines.

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Preventative maintenance programs

Planned preventive maintenance programs increase reliability, reduce maintenance costs, improve efficiency and accuracy and help departments deliver quality services.

Detailed, site-specific maintenance schedules, procedures, and training are critical for long-term operations and safe working conditions.

AVM and STS offer the following services:

  • an initial survey of current processes
  • develop a schedule inclusive of any required training
  • implement a maintenance program for the full range of medical devices and equipment
  • follow-up to ensure, monitor and enhance success rate.

Managing your medical equipment breakdowns

AVM uses sophisticated PPM management software to ensure team transparency and increased maintenance efficiency.

This software provides the critical communication link between our customer, the engineers on site and our central operations team especially during breakdowns keeping all informed via a proven tracking number system.

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