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Professional training, consultancy and specialist services for decontamination testing and validation

City & Guilds accredited decontamination training courses to suit your company needs.

Professional specialist advice, guidance and expertise on decontamination standards.

Validation and calibration activities conducted strictly in accordance with current standards of UK regulatory authorities.

Professional authorising services carried out by qualified authorising engineers.

Why AVM Services?


Providing specialist services relating to the decontamination of reusable medical devices in the healthcare sector for over 30 years.


Expertise to train and support Sterile Services Staff, Decontamination Engineers and Authorising Engineers (Decontamination) in-house.


Accredited commissioning and validation engineers and qualified A1/A2 assessors.


Developed by the NHS to provide independent, autonomous medical device decontamination services.

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One of the most important aspects of maintaining patient and staff safety is preventing infection.
Three levels of decontamination of reusable medical devices - a diagram
The three Levels of Decontamination are; general cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation.
Authorised Person (Decontamination) services: What is this exactly?
In the medical sector, decontamination is a highly-complex and necessary part of running a facility.


Decontamination is the process of ensuring that all reusable medical devices, such as endoscopes and surgical instruments, are put through the three levels of decontamination; cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation before being repackaged and reprocessed in line with strict standards. Standards include Health Technical Memoranda, Health Building Notes, International and European standards and standard equipment specifications.  

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