Management & Operational Consultancy Services

With over 30 years of experience in the decontamination sector, AVM has helped many hospital trusts and other relevant organisations with key staff placements.

Key staff placements include:

  • Interim Decontamination Services Management.
  • AP(D) Support
  • Interim Decontamination Lead Support
  • Interim AP(D) Support

We have also provided:

  • Mentoring for decontamination managers
  • Quality system implementation roadmaps
  • Decontamination equipment specifications
  • Training programmes
Pillars of Development for new AE(D) candidates

Ensuring operational success

As a ‘people-based’ service company, AVM is only too aware of the significant role that your people have in the operational success of the decontamination department. That is why over the years we have provided consultancy at all levels of an organisation and across disciplines including finance and HR.

Key personnel areas that we have provided consultancy services for include:

  • Training and qualification roadmaps
  • Job descriptions
  • Career pathways and continuous development
  • Mentoring

AVM Services – Decontamination Specialists

Our Case Studies page includes some examples of management and personnel success stories.