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Germs Course - Online Decontamination training

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Course Structure

The Germs Course is structured across four modules:

  1. Welcome to Germs
  2. An Introduction to Germs
  3. Pathogen Transmission
  4. Removal of Microorganisms

The Germs Course covers the structure and basic physiology of organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa, and the impact that they can have in a healthcare setting. Hospital acquired infections (HAI’s, otherwise known as nosocomial infections) are estimated to cause up to 99,000 deaths per year in the USA. The course covers a brief history of infection control, the eight routes of pathogen transmission between individuals, methods of identification of pathogens, and the key characteristics of the pathogens that present the biggest threat to humans. The course also covers the three levels of pathogen removal; cleaning, disinfecting and sterilisation; and the effects that each method has on microbes.

The course provides information appropriate to anyone who may be interested in commonly occurring pathogens and the methods of removal. There is no prior knowledge necessary, and may be useful to a new SSD staff member, or anyone who would like to know more about the impact of germs.


Together with the Decontamination course, this course provides the training for candidates to undertake an online examination with a pass awarding the Principles of Decontamination Stage 1 City & Guilds certification.

Why Choose AVM Courses?

AVM courses are vastly different from current courses on the market as they are video based with some even containing interactive elements. There are no Powerpoints to scroll through, and no daunting walls of text for the learner to digest on their own. Instead, the learner is guided through each concept through narration, which benefits both visual and auditory learners. The courses also include animations, pictures and footage of SSDs and endoscope reprocessing units, to assist with knowledge uptake and retention.

AVM courses are written and produced by specialists, so the information in the courses is current and relevant.

A City and Guilds certification exam can be taken after completing the necessary courses.

This course has helped me to refresh my knowledge about decontamination services.

5th March 2024

Roland K

Online Germs Course

Great module, interesting and relevant with the learning broken down into clear, well paced sections.

9th April 2024

Siobhan C

Online Germs Course

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