Validation Services

AVM Services provide the required specialist compliance, testing and validation services on decontamination medical equipment for the healthcare sector.

Our validation and testing services include:

Steriliser Testing & Validation

Weekly/quarterly/annual validations on porous load, unwrapped instrument, pharmacy, laboratory, hot air and gas sterilisers.

Washer Disinfector Testing & Validation

Weekly/quarterly/annual validations on washer disinfectors for instruments, endoscopes and human waste containers.

Bench Top Steriliser Testing & Validation

Maintenance and breakdown service on bench top sterilisers for GP, dentists and PCT clients.

Other Testing and Validation Services

  • Steam/water quality testing.
  • Microbiological tests (sent to an independent testing laboratory for analysis).
  • Commissioning of decontamination equipment.
AVM Services expands Authorisation and Validation capacity

What happens after completion of validation?

Upon successful completion of our validation audit on your decon equipment, we’ll produce a written report of testing work carried out.

Our decontamination testing, validation and calibration services are conducted strictly in accordance with current standards of UK regulatory authorities and our validation team comprises of nationally accredited Competent Persons (Decontamination).

AVM Services – Decontamination Specialists

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