Specialist Medical Devices Decontamination

Our technical specialists will provide oversight management and technical expertise in the areas where the decontamination of re-usable medical devices is carried out.

How Can We Help?

Our highly trained and experienced decontamination engineers and microbiology specialists provide various assistance for your decontamination requirements, including:

  • Liaise with Decontamination Service Leads, Endoscopy Managers, Organizational Decontamination Leads and other site Operational Managers
  • Provide advice on technical/operational issues with decontamination process equipment & associated plant
  • Overcome operational challenges to ensure decontamination equipment is fit for purpose
  • Assist with decision-making on the operational status of plant and equipment
  • Deliver targeted, accredited decontamination training
  • Develop short and long-term decontamination training strategies 
Specialist Medical Devices Decontamination

Overcoming Operational Challenges

Our technical experts support AVM’s clients by utilising diagnostic techniques, experience and skillsets to assist Decontamination Service Leads and other site managers overcome operational and technical problems encountered across all types of decontamination equipment. We assist with operational challenges to ensure critical equipment is in good working order and give advice when making decisions regarding the condition and operational status of equipment.

Training & Education

As part of their role, our specialists provide accredited decontamination training and education programmes nationally to the healthcare sector, focussing on re-usable medical devices.  They support the development of short and long-term training strategies and action plans by contributing and helping develop ideas and initiatives. This allows you to deliver innovative training – ensuring that content is inclusive, engaging and accessible to your staff to provide effective solutions for their upskilling and productivity.

Areas of Decontamination

Our expertise covers a range of areas of decontamination of re-usable medical devices, including:

Sterile Services Units

Endoscopy Departments

Hospital Wards

ITU's (Intensive Therapy Units)

Operating Theatres


Dental Services

AVM Services – Decontamination Specialists

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