Decontamination Consultancy Services

AVM Services provide expert consultancy services for a wide range of unique needs and requirements within the decontamination sector.

Our decontamination consultancy services

Our team of decontamination specialists have over 18 years of experience, extensive knowledge and expertise within the healthcare sector. We have worked with a number of organisations all requiring individual needs.

AVM Services’ members, which include registered Authorising Engineers (Decontamination), provide expert consultation services with a focus on the following key areas:

Strategic Consultancy

Our highly trained personnel (including authorising engineers) have helped various hospital trusts and other organisations to construct business cases, plan and then implement.

Management & Operational Consultancy

With over 30 years of experience in the decontamination sector, AVM has helped many hospital trusts and other relevant organisations with key staff placements.

Assurance & Market Testing

Assurance of decontamination services in line with national standards is central to the founding principles of AVM and was the driving force behind its inception back in 1989.

Investigative Consultancy

Our highly trained personnel (including Sometimes decontamination units are presented with issues that are beyond typical expectations or in-house expertise.

AVM has carried out a number of investigative projects for our clients including the identification of unknown particulate contamination of instruments.

Training Consultancy

AVM has worked with many hospital trusts and organisations to provide a number of consultative training services.

We can also help up-and-coming decontamination managers through CPD programmes with mentoring support to fulfil their ambitions and those of the trust or organisation.

AVM Services offers key outsource services for AP(D)

Who can benefit from a decontamination consultation?

Some examples of the roles we have helped in terms of decontamination consultancy include:

  • Chief Executives
  • Directors
  • Decontamination Unit Managers
  • Decontamination Leads
  • Infection Control
  • Users
  • Estates Officers

AVM Services – Decontamination Specialists

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