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AVM would like to make our clients and visitors aware of a very interesting article available at:


The article, written by authorising engineer Andrew Poplett, provides a valuable insight into not only the appointment of AEs and APs but also the other related roles.

Sections cover a number of roles and responsibilities within the professional structure, including:

Duty Holder (DH)

Carries ultimate responsibility for a safe and secure healthcare environment. Sits with the chief executive and Board but can be delegated to other senior executives.

Designated Person (DP)

Provides an essential link between senior management and professional support while ensuring the independence of the audit-reporting process. The DP takes an informed position at Board level and works with operational managers (e.g. Senior Operational Manager) to ensure adequate support is available for their sector/division.

Senior Operational Manager (SOM)

Typically has operational responsibilities for a range of specialist services, including decontamination. Supports the maintenance and development of service-specific improvements, ideally from a position of ‘informed client’ to the specialist services under their remit.

Authorising Engineer (AE)

Acts as an independent professional adviser to the healthcare organisation and provides services in accordance with the relevant HTM. AEs are responsible for assessments and recommendations for the appointment of Authorised Persons (APs). Other key responsibilities include monitoring the performance of the service and providing annual audits to the DP. It is essential that the AE is impartial in order to ensure adequate assurance for the DH (Duty Holder).

Authorised Person (AP)/Responsible Person (RP)

Has operational responsibility for the specialist service and must be sufficiently qualified, experienced and skilled to fully operate the specialist service. The AP is nominated by the AE and is then responsible for establishing and maintaining the validation of Competent Persons (CPs).

Competent Person (CP)

Provides skilled deployment (if relevant) and maintenance of the specialist service. The CPs engaged must demonstrate skill in the specialist service and a sound trade background and work in accordance with the operating procedures, policies, and standards of the service.

The article also includes some interesting thoughts about:

  • Assessment of competency of Named Persons
  • Appointment of Named Persons
  • Who should appoint the AE?

We feel that while the article is written from the perspective of ventilation and water services, the same issues and concerns raised will undoubtedly resonate across all authorising personnel, including decontamination.

Please contact us to find out how we help AEs, APs and others in the field of decontamination.

The full article is available at https://www.healthestatejournal.com/story/29003/who-should-appoint-aes-and-aps and the image used is an extract from HTM 00: Policies and principles of healthcare engineering (2014 Edition).

Who Should Appoint AEs and APs

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