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AVM Quality Management Systems course sets high bar

Market-leading decontamination specialists AVM Services have launched a range of online training courses aimed at students and professionals in the Sterile Services sector.

The courses, which cover Germs, Decontamination and Quality Management Systems, are designed to give learners an in-depth, accessible and intuitive way to absorb knowledge and proficiency within these topics, all with the ultimate aim of achieving a City & Guilds certification.

AVM Services has been a decontamination specialist since 1989, offering a range of consultancy and training services to the medical sector including:

  • Online decontamination training courses
  • Specialist decontamination training courses conducted by our highly-qualified authorising engineers (decontamination) and specialist personnel, accredited trainers and A1/A2 assessors
  • Professional advice and guidance on decontamination standards, procedures and compliances
  • Validation and compliance assessments
  • Authorising and auditing services
  • Professional servicing and maintenance services for decontamination equipment

What is the Quality Management Systems (QMS) course?

This course offers industry professionals the opportunity to upgrade the knowledge and skill base with regard specifically to the importance of a QMS within healthcare.

There are eight key components covered by the course, including:

  1. Introduction to the QMS
  2. Importance of the QMS
  3. Facility to Equipment Validation
  4. Document Control
  5. Staff Training
  6. Supply Chain Management
  7. Quality Control
  8. Health & Safety/Risk Assessment
  9. Root Cause Analysis
  10. Continuous Improvement

Based on Florence Nightingale – widely regarded as the pioneer of QMS within healthcare – and her struggles with infection rates during the Crimean War, the course includes ‘continuous improvement’, which considers the importance of growth and development within any department, and how everyone within a department is responsible for its success.

Information on the eight key components of the QMS is provided, along with how they are executed and why they are necessary in a healthcare setting, and how they fit together to create a functioning system.

Why is it important?

Quality management systems are indispensable in healthcare due to their pivotal role in ensuring the delivery of safe, effective, and patient-centric care.

They provide a framework for healthcare organisations to consistently monitor and improve the quality of their services, ultimately resulting in better patient outcomes.

By implementing robust quality management systems, healthcare facilities can systematically identify areas for improvement, streamline processes, and reduce errors or adverse events.

These systems also promote evidence-based practices and adherence to industry standards, enabling healthcare providers to offer standardised, consistent and data-lead care to patients.

Additionally, quality management systems facilitate continuous learning and professional development among healthcare staff, fostering a culture of quality improvement and innovation.

Overall, the integration of quality management systems in healthcare is crucial for enhancing patient safety, optimising healthcare delivery, and achieving excellence in patient care.

Who can do this course?

The course is targeted towards anyone in healthcare, particularly those in the decontamination unit so that they understand why they should adhere to strict rules within the department.

Since many of the examples provided are related to the SSD or endoscope reprocessing unit, it is likely to be more relevant to decontamination staff, however, it may also be appropriate for nurses.

Why choose AVM Services Courses?

Intuitive & easy to digest

AVM’s online training courses are delivered via the Learning Management System (LMS) platform developed by Cambridge University Hospital.

Using intuitive navigation and easy-to-follow instructions, AVM courses are vastly different to current courses on the market as they are video-based with interactive elements.

  • Learners are guided through each concept by a video narrator, helping both visual and auditory learners
  • Courses include animations, pictures, graphics and actual footage of SSDs and endoscope reprocessing units to help with knowledge transfer, uptake and retention
  • Large swaths of text and static PowerPoint presentations are avoided to ensure learners are kept engaged, and able to digest the new information quickly and easily without feeling overwhelmed

Highest quality training

Training courses are created and produced by expert authorising engineers (decontamination) and specialists including accredited trainers and A1/A2 assessors, meaning information in the courses is current, relevant and of the highest quality.

A City and Guild’s certification is available at the end of select courses.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about the Learning Management System and our online courses, please visit our Online Training Courses page or contact us.

QMS Online Training Course Launched

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