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AVM Services - Covid 19 and Training

With lockdown measures now easing in most parts of the UK, we feel that resuming our training activities is now appropriate. This will be carried out whilst adhering to the relevant guidance on social distancing. It may be necessary to limit the number of candidates in order to achieve satisfactory social distancing. 

Due to space limitations, practical assessments may need to be limited to 2 candidates maximum. This will require some extra time to be added to the courses to accommodate this.  All courses will be carried out following satisfactory risk assessments for the venues where training is taking place this includes classroom and areas where practical assessments will take place. 

A health declaration will need to be emailed to the instructor prior to each daily session commencing. A proposed schedule for off-site courses at MMM Medical Equipment will be published in the near future.

These measures should ensure that we can deliver good quality tuition whilst still keeping everyone safe. We look forward to receiving your enquiries.

Training with AVM Services

AVM Services is able to bring expert training to a location of your choice such as your workplace facility.

The benefits of training at your location

  • Comfort being in a familiar environment
  • Comfort working on/with familiar equipment
  • Training may be tailored more specifically to your premises, equipment etc.
  • Less travel (time and costs)

Cost effective in-house decontamination courses

When conducting in-house training, AVM trainers bring with them in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to support their training techniques.

AVM will NOT charge your company on a ‘per candidate’ basis. Instead, AVM will charge your company on a ‘per course’ basis giving you a welcomed cost-effective solution to your training needs.

We currently offer the following training:

Sterile Service Staff Training 

  • Washer disinfectors: operator level and team leader/user level
  • Porous load sterilizers: operator level and team leader/user level

Engineering Staff Training

  • Washer disinfectors: weekly, quarterly and annual testing for competent person (decontamination)
  • Porous load sterilizers: weekly, quarterly and annual testing for competent person (decontamination)
  • Endoscopy - weekly, quarterly and annual testing for competent person (decontamination)

Endoscopy Staff Training

  • Endoscopy: operator level and team leader/user level.
  • PCT - decontamination of reusable medical devices: training for dental/podiatry staff.


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