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Valuing Independent Feedback

AVM Services uses the independent CourseCheck system to record feedback for all of our training courses. We are continuously trying to improve all of our services and this feedback is essential as part of our commitment to ISO 9001 Quality Management and above all, our customers. Below is a selection of positive comments. We are not perfect though and all reviews can be viewed on the AVM Services CourseCheck portal below.


Training Course Testimonials

Stephen L

"Great course. Delivered in a professional manner, would recommend."

23 November 2020

Donnach M said the course attended was...

"...very educational and well laid out. Course was fun and interesting. The trainer was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Very enjoyable."

20 November 2020

Christopher B

"Excellent course, feeling confident to sign off reports with the technical understanding required."

16 November 2020

Roberto S

"The training is very useful since I am currently doing the job and gives me more understanding on how the system works and the knowledge of the latest legislation. The trainer is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the course."

04 November 2020

Kelly D

"Overall it has been great I learnt a lot about areas I had no knowledge in at all and feel it will help me massively build my future..."

15 October 2020

Nicky R

"Very good course and trainer was great."

06 October 2020

Jarvis C

"Keith was very helpful and relax throughout the training. If there was something that you didn't understand he was always ready to assist. It would be nice if he was going to take the HTM 01-01 part C which is in 2 weeks time."

19 September 2020

Jacqueline C

"I found the course mind blowing doing the course for the first time. I gained a vast amount of knowledge, which will make my role as endoscopy lead far easier. I can now understand the reports and interpret them better."

24 August 2020

Christopher S

"Thoroughly enjoyed the tuition. Also, the trainer was more than willing to share his knowledge."

21 August 2020

Kevin C

"I found the course very informative and the trainers delivery was very good. The content of the course and the way it was structured was very good."

16 March 2020

Kyle J

"Course was very good. I felt very comfortable to ask questions. A clear and good understanding was given."

21 Feb 2020

Thomas I

"Already had a grounding in weekly testing of sterilisers but found the course useful in plugging the gaps in my knowledge. The course was presented in an easy to follow informative style. Very enjoyable and beneficial."

30 January 2020

Keith from Sterling said that the training course he attended was... 

"...relaxed but informative manner and catered for all levels of experience within the group which allowed everyone to attain a good understanding at their own pace."

14 June 2019


"Very informative, good training. Memorable information."

07 March 2019


"It was a very interesting course to be in. It's definitely taught me knowledge about the process of endoscope disinfecting and why it is important."

01 March 2019

Ian from Leeds

"The course was very well presented and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable. I particularly enjoyed the practical."

10 December 2018


"The course provided me adequate resources needed to improve on my job role and enhanced my knowledge on how to improve the quality of services within Endoscopy decontamination services."

03 December 2018


"The course was taught to a very high standard. It is refreshing to be trained by an engineer who is currently working within the industry and can give practical knowledge as well as theoretical."

14 September 2018

Christian from Cambridge

"The course was very educating and interesting, this is because it revealed what weekly decontamination is all about and also the standards behind decontamination. I will recommend more practical to be included in the course."

25 July 2018


"I enjoyed the 2 day course it gave me an insight to more in depth workings of the machine and is relevant to me in my new post. It also gave me more in depth knowledge for the maintenance of the machines."

25 July 2018


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