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Common sense tells us that proper maintenance of decontamination medical equipment is key in today's demanding environment, to ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation.

Unscheduled downtime can translate into critical clinical delays, shortages and increased risks.

Why medical equipment maintenance is important

Poor or ad hoc maintenance procedures increase the likelihood of equipment failure or human error.

AVM with its strategic business partner of 13 years STS, provide a comprehensive maintenance service to maintain the integrity of autoclaves, sterilizers, washer disinfectors and other decontamination equipment including endoscope reprocessors.

Our maintenance work follows the manufacturer’s instructions, replacement parts are original equipment manufacture or manufacture approved and within UK and EU standards and guidelines.

Preventative maintenace programs

Planned preventive maintenance programs increases reliability. Detailed, site-specfic maintenance schedules, procedures, and training are critical for long-term protable operations and safe working conditions. AVM and STS from the outset carry out an: initial survey of in place processes, develop a schedule inclusive of any required training, implement a maintenance program, and follow-up to ensure, monitor success rate.

AVM utilizes sophisticated PPM management software to ensure team transparency and increase maintenance efficiency.

Managing your medical equipment breakdowns

This software provides the critical communication link between our customer, the engineers on site and our central operations team especially during breakdowns keeping all informed via a proven tracking number system