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Professional training, consultancy and specialist services for decontamination testing and validation

Medical Device Decontamination Services

AVM Services are experts within the healthcare sector and provide a number of other specialist services relating to medical decontamination equipment in addition to decontamination training and consultancy.

Here you’ll find more information on our Validation services, carried out by our team of Competent Persons and our Authorising and servicing of medical decontamination equipment

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Validation Services

Validation and calibration activities conducted strictly in accordance with current standards of UK regulatory authorities and carried out by our team of nationally accredited Competent Persons (Decontamination).

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Authorising Services

Professional authorising services carried out by qualified authorising engineers who will audit your equipment to sign it off as fit for use and produce quarterly and annual reports upon completion.

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AP(D) Services

Our qualified APs can ensure that your monitoring services are compliant and provide you with face-to-face contact to provide guidance and advice where and when needed. AVM can assist your organisation by providing both long and short-term decontamination Authorised Person (AP) services.

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Servicing of Medical Equipment

Proper maintenance of decontamination medical equipment is key in today's demanding environment to ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation. AVM Services can provide detailed, site-specific maintenance schedules, procedures and training for long-term operations and safe working conditions.

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