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JAG Audits

What is JAG?

JAG - Joint Advisory Group (on Gastro Intestinal (GI) Endoscopy) – was created in 1994 as the nature of endoscopy expanded across multiple disciplines. JAG accreditation is the formal recognition that an endoscopy service has the competence to deliver against the criteria set out in the JAG standards.

JAG covers three main areas:

  • Endoscopy training
  • Accreditation of endoscopy services
  • Accreditation of screening endoscopists

At its core, JAG promotes regular review of processes, training and output to ensure high quality standards are not only maintained, but continuously improved to ensure the highest levels of care for patients. 

JAG Accreditation

JAG accreditation provides your department with independent and impartial recognition in terms of high service quality and consistency. This in turn gives your patients confidence in the endoscopy service you provide. 

JAG Accreditation aims to:

  • stimulate continuous improvement in processes and patient outcomes
  • strengthen endoscopy services
  • provide a knowledge base of best practices
  • increase patient confidence in services
  • improve the management and efficiency of services
  • provide education on better/best practices
  • provide comparison with self and others
  • enhance the workforce, retention and satisfaction
  • increase chances to add to and grow services

Accredited departments can also be more attractive to patients, commissioners and potential employees/trainees in a number of ways:

  • Independent measurement of services against national standards
  • Demonstrates a strategy of improvement, patient safety and reducing risk
  • Increases efficiently and therefore improves value for money
  • Improves patient experience
  • Raises profile of your service / department
  • Helps teams to share good practice

More information about JAG accreditations can be found at the JAG website.

AVM Services JAG Audits

JAG requires, as part of its site accreditation programme, that the decontamination facility for flexible endoscopes reprocessing be audited by an Authorising Engineer (Decontamination) on an annual basis by site visitation using standardised JAG/IHEEM Audit Criteria.  Increasingly, many sites now have their endoscope reprocessing services being provided by ISO 13485: 2016 Medical Devices accredited Decontamination Facilities but the requirement for auditing by the JAG/IHEEM criteria remains.  

AVM Services can help your endoscopy unit or sterile services department by performing Joint Advisory Group Audits. Our Authorising Engineers (Decontamination) have provided this service to a number of clients within the NHS and private sector, helping them achieve and maintain high quality standards.

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