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Porous Load Sterilisers

AVM Services provide specialist Porous Load Sterliliser training for Decontamination Engineers carried out by our team of experts at a location of your choice.

The following Porous Load Sterliliser courses have been designed to provide Decontamination Engineer staff with the knowledge required for their job role, as outlined in current standards.

Decontamination Engineers - Porous Load Sterilisers Courses
ENG02 Porous Load Sterilisers – Weekly Testing
ENG04 Porous Load Sterilisers – Quarterly Testing
ENG06 Porous Load Sterilisers – Annual Testing
ENG12 Porous Load Sterilisers – Steam Testing


Related Courses
SSD02 Porous Load Sterilisers – Operator Level
SSD04 Porous Load Sterilisers – Team Leaders/Users


Porous Load Steriliser Training with AVM

Specialist Porous Load Sterilisers courses training courses are conducted by our expert authorising engineers together with specialist decontamination personnel, accredited trainers and A1/A2 assessors.

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