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Authorising Services

Authorisation of decontamination equipment through quarterly and annual audits can only be carried out by a qualified Authorising Engineer (Decontamination) - AE(D).

AVM employ a number of registered (IHEEM) AE(D)s and has been providing authorisation services to hospitals, medical centres and pharmaceutical companies for many years. We are able to back up our authorising services with comprehensive consultancy in order to troubleshoot or advise on results and trends in terms of audited equipment.

AVM Services decontamination authorising services include:

  • Quarterly and annual audits on equipment such as porous load, unwrapped instrument, pharmacy, laboratory, hot air and gas sterilisers.
  • In-depth reports including trend analysis
  • Help and advice on corrective measures.
  • Audit of microbiological tests (sent to an independent testing laboratory for analysis).

What happens after completion of authorisation audit?

Upon successful completion of our audit on your decontamination equipment, we’ll provide confirmation that all tests carried out were satisfactory/unsatisfactory, highlighting any areas of concern and/or recommendations.

Our decontamination authorisation activities are conducted strictly in accordance with current standards of UK regulatory authorities and our team of authorising engineers is registered with IHEEM.

If you would like to know more about our decontamination authorisation service:

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