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AP(D) Placements

AVM can assist your organisation by providing both long and short-term decontamination Authorised Person (AP) placements from our pool of expert staff and contractors. We can come in and help set up the necessary processes and documentation management to ensure compliance. Then we can work with you to transition over to a self-sufficient operation.

Why Use an External AP?

Not all Estates and Facilities departments have decontamination specialists and smaller organisations often have a decontamination requirement but do not need a full-time AP.

In some cases, a full-time position is needed or in place but recruitment periods or absences such as long-term illness or maternity leave, mean that a short-term solution is required.

Benefits of AVM AP(D) Services

Our APs ensure that your monitoring services (including certifications) are in order and provide you with face-to-face contact to provide guidance and advice where and when needed.  

  • Ensure compliance of your organisation or department
  • Experienced, skilled decontamination professionals
  • Backed up by an industry-leading organisation
  • Flexible approach to work around you and your organisation

We also help identify trends, interpret reports and all this combines to ensure compliance of your organisation or department.

Please visit our Roles we Help page for a little bit more information about the role of Authorised Persons and our Accreditation & Partners page to find out about our qualifications and standards.