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AVM Services launches new Infection Control Course

Thu, 05/11/2020

As a leading provider of services, training and consultancy in decontamination, AVM Services runs regular courses to help organisations set up and manage efficient sanitisation and decontamination programmes.

In direct response to a heightened need for our services due to the Covid-19 pandemic – both from SMEs and larger corporates – we introduced a new course to help staff at care homes, city councils that support independent living, porters, community nurses and carers, amongst others, get the necessary training required to set and maintain heightened standards and guidelines.

We recently engaged with a team of 14 participants from Community Equipment Services Croydon to run a day-long training session in partnership with Andersen Caledonia, to help these staff develop an understanding of:

  • The basics of infection control in the working environment.
  • Major pathogens and how they are transmitted.
  • Best practice when performing duties in the context of infection control. (Equipment and process Risk analysis)
  • How to protect yourself from infection.
  • How to decontaminate equipment.
  • Available tests and how to interpret results
  • Implications of Covid-19

The course, which took place last month, was extremely well received by the participants, who gave positive feedback including that the content was informative, the course style was engaging and the modules very inclusive. It is intended to roll this course out across their partners shortly.

We will continue to offer a range of courses, including the above course as well as our engineering courses for sophisticated machines such as Endoscope Washer-Disinfectors, Washer Disinfectors, Sterilisers and more. 

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AVM Services launches new Infection Control Course