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New Decontamination ‘Supercentre’ Sets New Precedents

Fri, 09/10/2020

An extremely complex decontamination centre has been established at the Royal Free NHS Trust in Enfield, north London, with the aim of creating a far more efficient system for the decontamination and sterilisation of surgical instruments from its three main hospitals, Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm and the Royal Free itself.

The decontamination ‘supercentre’ not only takes in work from its own Trust but also other NHS Trusts, required a highly complex planning and installation process, spearheaded by construction and engineering specialists CFES.

The supercentre is capable of processing 20-million instruments and 130 000 endoscopes annually, using a range of specialist equipment and processing stations including: 

  • Seven Getinge 86-series washer-disinfectors in the washroom. Another four machines are planned.
  • Two transfer hatches and 26 workstations allowing for highly efficient processing
  • A centralised dosing station for liquid chemicals
  • Six Getinge HS69 pass-through sterilisers, with planned upgrades adding a further two autoclaves in due course
  • Six Getinge ED-Flow endoscope washer-disinfectors (EWDs) allowing the full processing of 12 large endoscopes in a 23-minute cycle

Full traceability through Getinge’s T-DOC software ensures that all processing is tracked, giving high visibility and regulatory compliance across the entire process chain, and ensuring high levels of quality assurance and patient and operator safety.

Whilst the unit is capable of operating at aforementioned processing rates, it is currently only operating at 25% capacity, with plans to ramp up processing intensity as additional planned equipment arrives and more staff are recruited.

The supercentre received JAG accreditation in September last year and received a full bill of health from an IHEEM audit. It is also backed up by full N+1 redundancy, backup power plant and independent water supply.

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New Decontamination ‘Supercentre’ Sets New Precedents