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AVM Services offers key outsource services for AP(D)

Thu, 03/06/2021

AVM Services, as specialists in decontamination and sterilization consultancy, training, validation, authorizing and servicing, offers Authorised Person (Decontamination) (AP(D)) services to help clients avoid unnecessary costs whilst maintaining required standards.

AVM has a pool of expert, qualified staff – both internal and on contract – who are able to conduct a range of AP(D) evaluations and services on behalf of clients who may not have need for a full-time Authorised Person, or may have a need for a temporary solution while their own AP is on leave or similar.

What our AP(D) Service offers

Our team is able to come into your facility, evaluate your requirements, and help set in place any necessary processes and documentation to ensure your organisation is compliant.

In doing so, we help your organisation ensure compliance using experienced, qualified and skilled decontamination staff, who bring a flexible and intuitive approach to your needs.

We can also help identify any trends, interpret reports, and provide guidance and advice as required to any decontamination staff at the estate or facility.

We have also recently hired a new Head of Department, Howard Walker, who brings over 40 years’ experience to the role, having worked in Decontamination Healthcare since 1980.

Howard is also a longstanding member of the Chartered Member Institute of Decontamination Sciences, and served at Branch & Regional level.

He is also a member of the Central Sterilising Club and is registered on the Academy for Healthcare Scientists (AHCS).


More about our AP(D) Service


If you have any questions about our AP(D) service, contact us today on 01233 254499 or

AVM Services offers key outsource services for AP(D)
AVM Services offers key outsource services for AP(D)