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Authorised Person (Decontamination) services: What is this exactly?

Mon, 22/11/2021

In the medical sector, managing decontamination is a highly-complex and necessary aspect of running a facility. An AP(D) qualified person offers a range of specialist services and capabilities to help facilities maintain the highest standards of sterilisation and decontamination, including:

  • Engineering management of decontamination equipment
  • Line management and/or appointment of the CP(D) Safe and effective systems of work for all installed decontamination equipment within his/her area of responsibility 
  • Acceptance criteria for operational and performance testing of all installed decontamination equipment 
  • Liaison with the AE(D), Decontamination Lead and other interested professionals
  • Authorising the use of decontamination equipment after major repair or refurbishment and after quarterly or annual tests 
  • Operation of the permit to work system 
  • Ensuring the continued registration of the CP(D)s, as appropriate
  • Liaising with the User, and other technical support personnel, to enable them to discharge their responsibilities for management of decontamination effectively

In effect, an AP(D) service allows hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, veterinary surgeries, dentists, insurance companies and more to operate efficiently, compliantly and safely when it comes to the decontamination of equipment using specialist processes such as steam sterilisation, ultrasonic equipment, washer disinfectors, endoscope washer disinfectors, porous load sterilisers, benchtop sterilisers and more.

AVM Services offers both consultancy and training services in relation to AP(D), so that clients have the option to sub-contract the function or train internal staff for the role.

AVM’s team includes registered Authorising Engineers (Decontamination) as well as various decontamination experts with extensive knowledge and expertise across the sectors.

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Authorised Person (Decontamination) services: What is this exactly?